UpnUpMovement Celebrates Victory in Bus Route Restoration


Mr. Sneed thanked the DART board for approving the return of the bus route in Dixon Circle.


Restore Dixon Circle Bus Route #12

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)

We, the undersigned residents and supporters of the Dixon Circle community, hereby petition Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) to urgently restore Bus #12, which was removed on January 24, 2022. The removal of this essential transportation service has disproportionately affected the residents of Dixon Circle, causing undue hardship, hindering access to employment, education, healthcare, and other vital services.

Reasons for Restoration:

  1. Inadequacy of DART ‘GoLink’:

    • The DART ‘GoLink’ service, while comparable to ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft, is insufficient for the needs of Dixon Circle residents. It lacks the reliability, accessibility, and affordability that a fixed bus route like #12 provided.
  2. Discrimination and Violation of Equal Protection:

    • The prolonged absence of Bus #12 has forced residents to walk long distances for work, school, and healthcare appointments. This situation is not only outrageous but also constitutes a violation of equal protection under the law.
  3. Tax-paying Citizens and Voters:

    • Dixon Circle residents are tax-paying citizens and voters who deserve equitable representation in terms of accessible and reliable public transportation within the borders of Dallas County.

Community Impact:

  1. Unemployment Rates:

    • The unemployment rate in Dixon Circle is 4.5%, higher than the state average of 3.7%. The absence of Bus #12 exacerbates employment challenges for the community.
  2. Population Demographics:

    • Dixon Circle has a population of 7,600, with 1,200 children under the age of 17. The restoration of Bus #12 is crucial for the mobility and well-being of families, especially those with school-going children.
  3. Reliance on Public Transportation:

    • It’s estimated that 25% of the population in Dixon Circle, approximately 1,900 people, rely on public transportation. The absence of Bus #12 severely impacts their ability to commute affordably and efficiently.

Our Demands:

We, the residents and supporters of Dixon Circle, demand the immediate restoration of Bus #12 to ensure:

  1. Accessibility and Reliability:

    • A reliable and accessible public transportation option for Dixon Circle residents, allowing them to commute to work, school, and healthcare facilities without undue burden.
  2. Equal Protection Under the Law:

    • Equal protection under the law, ensuring that the removal of Bus #12 is rectified to guarantee fair and equitable access to public transportation services for all residents.
  3. Representation and Inclusivity:

    • Representation and inclusivity in public transportation planning, recognizing Dixon Circle as an integral part of Dallas County that deserves adequate and sustainable transit solutions.

We urge Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) to consider the impact on the Dixon Circle community and act promptly to restore Bus #12. Our community deserves affordable, reliable, and safe transit options. We appreciate your immediate attention to this matter and look forward to a positive resolution.


Mr. Sneed Speaking at DART Board Meeting




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Thank you to over 150 people that pulled up' in #DixonCircle to support restoring DART Bus Route #12.

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We stepped into the shoes of Dixon Circle residents by taking the 45-minute walk to the transit center and back.


Dixon Circle Bus be Restored.

While we have several petitions circulating in the area we would like for you to be a part of this effort. If you live in the Dallas County area and believe that everyone should have representation sign our online petition and be a part of the solution.
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