Official Statement:

UpnUpMovement Celebrates Victory in Bus Route Restoration


We are thrilled to announce a momentous victory for the Dixon Circle community. Through our collective efforts, perseverance, and advocacy, the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) Board of Directors has voted to modify Route 216 to serve the people of Dixon Circle. This significant change is scheduled to take effect in early 2024.


We want to express our deepest appreciation to every individual who contributed to our campaign, whether through signatures, participation in events, or amplifying our message. This victory belongs to the community, and it showcases the positive change that can be achieved when we unite for a common purpose.

Next Steps:

As we celebrate this victory, our commitment to justice, equality, and community empowerment remains steadfast. We will continue to work collaboratively with DART and other organizations to ensure the smooth implementation of the modified Route 216 and explore further opportunities for enhancing public transportation in and around Dallas County. 

Join Us in Celebration:

We invite everyone who contributed to this movement and the residents of Dixon Circle to join us in celebration. This victory is a testament to the strength of community voices, and together, we can continue to create positive change and build a more just and equitable future. Stay Turned…

Once again, thank you to DART and everyone who played a part in making this restoration a reality.


Maurice Ash




Victory Highlights:

  1. Route Modification: The modification of Route 216 demonstrates a crucial step towards restoring vital public transportation services for the residents of Dixon Circle.

  2. Scheduled Implementation: The scheduled implementation in early 2024 reflects a commitment to prompt action, ensuring that the community can soon benefit from improved transit connectivity.

  3. Power of Organized Advocacy: This victory underscores the power of organized advocacy and community mobilization. When we come together, raise our voices, and stand in solidarity, we can effectively eliminate injustices imposed upon us.

  4. Thank You to DART: We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART ) for not only hearing but also responding to the needs and voices of the residents of Dixon Circle. Your commitment to community engagement and responsiveness is commendable.